SharePoint Best Practices Conference 10 days of posts. Blogging on the biggest European event.

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It is the Easter Holidays at schools in England for 2 weeks and I have taken a mini break from blogging for a few days. Most of the blogging I have done this year has been pitched towards education with a SharePoint context but not heavily technical. For the start of the Easter break 3 of our SharePoint technical team and myself have come to London to the European SharePoint Best Practices Conference. I thought I would use this opportunity to do something a little different and so have asked the 3 of them to write one blog each day for the 3 days of the Conference. The plan is to provide 10 blogs (I will have a go at one!) which are more technically SharePoint focused during the next two weeks.

The team have declared themselves up for the challenge and this will be their first time blogging so be nice as they learn please! We aim to have them all written by the time we get off the train in Bournemouth this evening so that we can set them on auto-release each day and head on our own holidays. A few points of clarity here in terms of content. All blogs will be ‘inspired’ by one session attended each day with a principal focus of how this will impact on Twynham. All material will be attributed to the speaker and each speaker will be asked if it is ok to reference them and share any of their gems from the input before it appears in the blog.

So, in summary, we plan to release 1 blog per day for 10 days based on SharePoint Best Practices which will run from Thursday 9th April until Saturday 18th April.

If you are around today and want a live feed to the conference but don’t use twitter Mark Miller, he of the End User SharePoint Blog, has done some great work linking up twitter feeds on to his blog. It is up and running and will be two way with the ability to comment or ask questions from the blog.


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  1. neil hodgkinson says:

    Good to meet you at #spbpuk

    Looking forward to this blogging spectacular

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