8 Basic SharePoint Features for end users. Part 1

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As I have covered on this blog on numerous occasions the single biggest factor which limits the success of a SharePoint deployment in education is user adoption. Engaging students is one area we have looked at before but equally important is the people who will provide most of the content for use by students- the teachers. If they embrace SharePoint then success is highly likely. So why do we see so many SharePoint (and indeed any Learning Platforms) fail? I think the most common reason is teachers rarely gain a subconscious skill set where they know how to use SharePoint.

At Twynham School we support and work with hundreds of schools across the country and developing the confidence of teachers in using SharePoint has been one of our most important developments. In September 2009 I wrote a guide called 7 Basic SharePoint Features which we used in a training day at one of the schools where we have built SharePoint. This has had a huge impact on teacher engagement and confidence in the use of SharePoint. I have made this slide deck available in the blog post SharePoint Survival Kit for Teachers. Today I have taken the 7 features and increased them to 8 before making them available as a video demonstration. I will post 2 each day and I hope you find them useful in training and reinforcing the use of SharePoint in your schools.

SharePoint Feature 1 Adding a notice to a site


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