An open letter to Samsung re: Samsung N510 issue. My mobile is switched on.

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Dear Samsung

thank you for getting back to our supplier regarding the issue with your faulty Samsung N510′s within 1 working hours of me sending you the first open letter. This is indeed a very speedy response and you saved me the cost of a stamp which I am sure will please our school finance officer who is currently doing her frantic end of year sums. My nan did after all say, ‘Michael, look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.’

 Our supplier has informed me that you will be sending an engineer to our site to repair the 12 faulty netbooks and inspect the remaining stock for defects. This is excellent news and I am sure it will help to restore the respect we have both for yourselves as a company and your netbooks. We hope to be able to write positive news to the 12,322 people who have so far read the first open letter and will doubtless be keen to see how this story ends.

One point of concern is we have not yet had direct contact from you to confirm this despite our supplier providing you with all my contact details. I have just checked my mobile and it is off silent and awaiting the xylophone sound which should herald good news. It would of course be an excellent story to write of how you visited in half term and resolved all our issues so that no further disruption to learning took place. It would also ensure that I do not receive any more emails like the one I received from a teacher we shall call Mr P who is understandably upset with the current context. I have displayed the email below for your perusal:

Hi Mike or Sylvia,

(it is disappointing that he does not know my name after 4 years at the school)

Not sure who to send this to but I’m afraid I have a complaint about the netbooks.

I was recently given room 16 with the netbooks due to another year group needing a computer suite.  This would be fine if we actually had a full set of netbooks but there were only 17 due to the problem with the hinges. I had the same issue two weeks earlier with only 20 netbooks and was told it was being dealt with as a matter of urgency.

Surely we cannot continue with this? When will Samsung deal with the problem?

Many thanks

Mr P*

* names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I look forward to your swift resolution of this issue.

Best wishes

Mike Herrity (mobile is on)


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