Branding your SharePoint sites to engage primary school students

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In the post I wrote (very quickly) yesterday I put two examples of branding for SharePoint sites to engage younger students. One of the challenges for primary and junior schools when creating a Learning Gateway with SharePoint is how do you make it appeal to students aged 4-11? The key is to make SharePoint look less like SharePoint by applying branding. This is a relatively simple process and although branding your SharePoint will cost a little money it is far more likely to gain high user adoption as it appeals to end users. The example below is the third attempt at SharePoint branding for our local feeder junior school who are currently having a Learning Gateway implemented by us.

SharePoint Branding sample 3
SharePoint Branding sample 3



3 Responses to “Branding your SharePoint sites to engage primary school students”
  1. Hi Mike,

    I’m a SharePoint developer (you’re following me on twitter). What research have you done with the target age-range? I’m curious because we haven’t got to the stage of releasing a portal for the children yet (4-11), but I understand from out education advisors that there are some key requirements around font selection (to tie in with handwriting exercises I believe).

    Have you found this? What other attributes do you find you have to cater for?

    From our research, the hardest thing with regards older children is to avoid implementing a design that patronises them. I’ve shown some children a design for another welsh authority from a company called brightstar that is very similar to the first two designs you uploaded, and they said that it was trying to hard to be cool. I think there’s probably quite a science to designing for kids.

    As a foot note, how maintainable do you think those designs are? They are all striking pieces of art, but could that look be maintained in a webpage? Possibly, but with dynamic content lengths I think you’ll have issues with background images matching up. Just my opinion.

  2. Will Saville says:

    Hi Mike

    Really pleased to see that you took your inspiration for this branding project from the work we did for Pembrokeshire. It would be great if you could acknowledge us in some way.

  3. Amanda says:

    Will it be possible for you to share these skins with other LG schools once they are developed?

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