Rethinking the ‘Natives and Immigrants’ debate. Bloom’s Taxonomy for the digital learner.

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Yesterday I wrote a piece on teenagers and the social media environment they are living in. This resulted in so many great discussions with various colleagues through twitter, face to face and on the phone. Matt huges also passed me a great prezi which I have looked at three times now and I think it would be really useful to pass it on. As I have often said, the students I taught 10 years ago are dramatically different to those I teach today. Whilst the class of 2000 were more digital immigrant than native those who I teach today live in an immersive world of communication where online is all pervasive.

When thinking about our learners and their learning environments almost all teachers will be familiar with Bloom’s Taxonomy which classifies learning objectives into levels. The key question which arises is how does Bloom’s Taxonomy remain relevant in such a fast changing learning environment where the very nature of the ‘learning’ is continually being reshaped. The presentation which Matt passed on to me looks at the response to this through the creation of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. This identifies the nature of the learning which can take place within our digital environments and classifies this into levels. Well worth 5 minutes of your time and really made me reflect all over again on how important collaboration is within our 21st Century learning environments.

The educational landscape of the 21st Century. Moving towards a new paradigm in learning.

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Earlier this weekend I spotted an RSA Animate created for a speech made by Sir Ken Robinson. The topic was changing educational paradigms and the challenge of creating a public educational system which matches the needs of our 21st Century world. They style of presentation mixed with the talk are very engaging and I found myself returning to the key themes over and over again during the last 24 hours. The video is fairly short and well worth investing the time to look at if you are interested in the challenges we face as educators.

If this has left you wanting more you can see the whole talk by Sir Ken Robinson below.

The ‘third way’ in creating engaging presentations? PptPlex brings canvas functionality to PowerPoint

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Over the last few weeks I have been looking at a few technologies which have appeared on my radar and which I think are worth sharing with other educationalists/technologists. In case you want to track back  and take a look at the previous posts they are below:

  1. Pogoplug for a great online storage system you can access anywhere.
  2. Animotofor compelling videos on the fly.
  3. Animotothoughts from Chris Thomson.
  4. Prezi for engaging presentations which show overview and depth.
  5. Prezi thoughts from twitter and the blog.

Today I wanted to look at a possible ‘third way’ when looking at presentation technology. Whereas Prezi is often seen as the antidote to PowerPoint this may be an issue if you have lots of great PowerPoint presentations which you want to keep using but like the functionality offered in Prezi. Well in this case perhaps pptPlex is for you.

PptPlex is another technology which has come out of Microsoft Office Labs and is an add on to PowerPoint. It gives a canvas style functionality which allows you to move around your slides in a  non-linear fashion. Microsoft have produced a quick overview video which will help to get a flavour of what you can do with pptPlex.

A number of people on twitter and the blog likened the functionality you get with pptPlex to that which you can get in Prezi and there are clearly significant overlaps. I also watched a presenter use the technology at a conference recently to great effect. The advantage for him is he has a dozen or more presentations which he put on to a canvas and was able to jump around looking at different topics as and when he wanted. More interestingly when I spoke to him at the end of his session he said he thought the real benefit was he could respond to the audience and never felt he had to cover everything in the canvas.

Thinking about the classroom there is a really useful video which gives both a demonstration of how you use pptPlex and an example of a learning based application.

Thoughts on ‘Death by PowerPoint and Prezi’ Responses from the blog and twitter

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The last post on ‘Prezi- the end of death by PowerPoint?’ led to a good debate on twitter and the blog and I thought it would be useful to share what others had to say. I also have some examples from a few people which are worth sharing.

Nick Dennis an Assistant Headteacher @nickdennis commented

‘I agree that Prezi is not the solution but that is because the tool is not the main thing (Keynote and PowerPoint 2010 included) but the human behind it. Some of the best presentations I have seen consisted of nothing more than pictures and that was because the presenter had really thought about it..’

Also in agreement was @simfin who said

‘Rubbish in-rubbish out. and PowerPoint doesn’t kill interest, bullet points do.’

He also shared a blog post on effective presentations he has written which can be viewed here

Witty thoughts from other twitter members can in the form of @tonyparkin who said:

‘Is death by Prezi any less painful than death by PowerPoint, or merely less expensive?’

and @stevegillott who made the same observation as me in saying:

‘Prezi – the start of motion sickness due to badly designed Prezis.’

Beyond the comments a number of people shared what they felt were good examples of the capability of Prezis.

@mattmoo2 has created a presentation introducing the Internet to people:

@chrisrat has a presentation on emarketing and social networking:

Prezi- the end of death by PowerPoint?

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As many of you will know I have never been one to be on the bleeding edge of new technology. I tend to pick up things which have been around for a year or so when they are more mainstream and this is probably the case with Prezi. A few weeks ago I was in a meeting when I saw Prezi for the first time and it certainly caught my eye. Prezi is a reaction to the dullness of presentations such as those labelled ‘death by powerpoint’. It has zoomable functionality which allows the presenter to show the big picture and also zoom into detail. A video explaining Prezi in greater detail can be viewed below.

I found this video in itself a bit dull as a form of presentation! I had a look around at examples of actual presentations using Prezi and the one below is probably a good example in showing some of the functionality that comes with the web based software.

VLEs, MLEs and SharePoint 2010 as a Learning Platform- the series so far 1-12.

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As we head to the weekend I thought it would be useful to link up the posts I have been writing over the last two weeks on VLEs, MLEs and SharePoint 2010 as a Learning Platform. So far we are 12 posts in to the 15 post series and you can get all the links to each post below. Posts 13-15 will continue into the next week.

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Post 7 VLE, Learning Gateway or Learning Platform? Guest blog post from SharePoint MVP Alex Pearce

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