What is a VLE? SharePoint in Education e-learning series post 1 of 15

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So to start the series lets ask the eternal question- what is a VLE? A quick trawl on the Internet will show that people often use the term Learning Platform and VLE as if they are the same thing. Hopefully this series will clear that up and I will share both some of my thoughts and the excellent resources that are available on this topic. To start with take a look at this video on ‘What is a VLE’ which is a useful and quick way of summing things up.

So a VLE is a Virtual Learning Environment which is simply the extension of a long history of developing distance learning which has been evolving from as fa back as 1892! VLEs have a number of functions but in their simplest sense they support teachers in the delivery and management of online courses. We will get into the detail in post two and three but the following diagram is a useful starter for visualising the components of a VLE.


Image take from JISC Infonet here

The diagram shows the 6 key features of a VLE I will be covering in the more detail in the next two posts you can read later today.

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