New SharePoint 2010 features for education. SharePoint School Reward System part 3

In the first two session looking at the SharePoint School Reward System built at Twynham School we covered:

  1. The interface which allows teachers give teaching and tutor groups an AA (reward point).
  2. The interface which allows all staff to give an individual an AA (reward point).

Following on from these developments we needed to build interfaces in SharePoint 2010 which enabled teachers and students to see what was happening with the reward points. It quickly became clear that we needed to focus on three interfaces for three audiences: the student total and breakdown by subject for the student; the student totals and tutor group total for tutors; the tutor totals and year group totals for Heads of Year. The interface below can be seen by all staff within our Learning Gateway. Click to enlarge

On the right side of the page you can see the Year Group totals which are used by Senior Leaders and Heads of Year within the school to monitor the progress of year groups. A Head of Year can then click on their year group to display a breakdown of the progress by tutor group.

Tomorrow I will cover the tutor group breakdown which allows tutors to see the total AA scores for individuals students in their tutor group.

New SharePoint 2010 features for education. SharePoint School Reward System part 2

In the first part of this series on Twynham School’s new online reward system I showed the functionality within SharePoint 2010 which enabled teachers to give reward points (or as we call them AAs) to students in their classes and tutor group. When we started trialing this solution back in June 2010 it quickly became clear that we had completely missed something. What if you took a cover lesson and wanted to give someone you do not teach an AA? This was also true of non-teachers and led us to devise a second area of the system. This can be seen below on the right side of the page.

Using the ‘Award an AA to a Single Student’ section staff members can find a student using the address book or instantly place their id into the box. They then click on the next button and the are faced with options on the type and number of AAs.

The drop downs allow staff to select up to 3 AAs and allocate them to an area which they are related to. By clicking ‘next’ the AAs are instantly added to the system. From here we needed to decide how to show the total AAs for students, tutor groups and year groups to different audiences. I will cover this part of the rewards system in the next session.

New SharePoint 2010 features for education. SharePoint School Reward System.

In the last series I looked at Twynham School’s first new product for SharePoint 2010- the Online School Calendar. If you missed these posts you can find the first part here and the second part here. Our second product launch this summer was the SharePoint School Reward system which has been live at Twynham School for 5 weeks now. The idea for an online reward system was developed within out Student Council and I have written about their part in our SharePoint development in previous posts which you can see here. With every development we ask that whether you are a student or a member of staff you create a ‘mock up’ or storyboard to make sure your ideas are clear and the original ideas of the students can be seen in the image below.

From this point we then set to work building the solution in SharePoint. One of our newest SharePoint developers, Rob Brown built out the original teacher view which I will show in this post. The main criteria was to give staff instant access to the classes they teach and their tutor group to give a reward point or as we call it an AA (Academic Achievement). As well as this it quickly became clear that staff would need the ability to give any student an AA regardless of whether they teach them or not. The interface for staff can be seen below:

Using the left hand side teachers can quickly and easily award AAs to students they teach or tutees. They simply select a class from the drop down and all students are shown as you can see below (student surnames have been removed):

From here a teacher can select any student and award an AA from the drop down up to a maximum of 3 AAs. Two things which were removed from the specification were the ability to give more than 3AAs and the ability to batch select an entire group and give them all an AA. In both cases students felt these actions would devalue the curency of the AA and wanted fewer reward points given for better achievements. The final aspect you will notice on the image above is a running total of AAs you as a teacher have awarded to each student so you can see how they are doing in your subject during the year.

You can see the full gateway page with the AA system built in below to give some context:

Tomorrow I will cover the system for awarding AAs to students that you do not teach.

New SharePoint 2010 features for education. SharePoint School Calender part 1

One of the most irritating uses of SharePoint I have seen in education has happened at my very own school for the last 4 years. Each summer we start to put a calendar together in a word document for all the key events and activities in the school year. When this is compiled we put it in a document library which is not what SharePoint was meant for! As a result every time somebody wanted to check a date they would go to the staff home page, click through to shared documents and open the word document. The main reason this happened was the out of the box SharePoint calendar did not meet the complex needs of the school. That is at least until now!

Our development team have been busy treading one of the most important lines in SharePoint development: building something that is customised so that it is fit for purpose whilst at the same time utilising and maintaining the out of the box features so that the solution is transferable to other schools. The result can be seen in our homepage below.

Zooming in you can see our school ‘week to view’ calendar which contains columns showing all the key information which is part of making a busy 1600 school run smoothly. Although this may all look like madness from outside of the school it gives a simple and instant way to view key information directly from the home page. The beauty of the solution is the view shown below can be easily altered for another school whilst maintaining the back end SharePoint functionality.

What if you want to see beyond the next week to look at future dates and events? Simply click on the calendar icon in the icon bar and you instantly see full school year.

The image above shows the whole school year view with an option to select individual months. We launched the calendar at the start of September and it has already proved to be one of those solutions which is not flashy but at the same time has a big impact on an institution.

Tomorrow I will cover how you create, edit and ammend the calendar using basic SharePoint functionality.

SharePoint 2010 all new features for Education. Whats new at Twynham School

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As schools across the country are starting to settle down into a new year I thought it would be good to share the new features we have added to our SharePoint 2010 Learning Platform. Many of the new SharePoint solutions which I will be showing over the next fortnight have been developed at Twynham School for up to a year . Although all five new features have been made live over the summer for the return to work all our developments follow a tried and trusted methodology. We have always focused on a long cycle of testing and trialing with our end users to rapidly improve our SharePoint educational developments. By the time we go live with new SharePoint features we can be sure that they are fully working and meet the needs of our staff and students. A number of the features can be seen below in our updated gateway which is fully SharePoint 2010. 

The new SharePoint 2010 educational features I will be covering over the next few weeks are:

  1. SharePoint School Calender
  2. SharePoint Rewards System
  3. SharePoint Room Booking System
  4. SharePoint Home Drive Web Part
  5. SharePoint CPD (Continuous Proffesional Development) System

To start this session tomorrow I will be looking at why we rejected the standard SharePoint 2010 calender and how we approached producing a bespoke solution to support the day to day running of the school.

VLEs, MLEs and SharePoint 2010 as a Learning Platform- the series so far 1-12.

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As we head to the weekend I thought it would be useful to link up the posts I have been writing over the last two weeks on VLEs, MLEs and SharePoint 2010 as a Learning Platform. So far we are 12 posts in to the 15 post series and you can get all the links to each post below. Posts 13-15 will continue into the next week.

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