Using SharePoint 2010 to create a highly developed Learning Gateway for education. Free webinar

Details: Mike Herrity and Dave Coleman will be presenting this webinar live on Wednesday 6th July at 7pm BST/2pm EDT

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Many of you will have heard bits of the story of Twynham School and our creation of a well-established learning platform using SharePoint. Through various case studies and presentations at conferences around the world over the last 5 years we have been very fortunate to be able to show our work creating compelling custom applications and engaging students and teachers to gain high user adoption. We have had quite a break from presenting and writing up our work for nearly a year and so we thought it might be useful to put a free webinar on to show you some of the new and exciting things we have done with our learning platform, SharePoint 2010.

What’s new with Twynham School SharePoint 2010-11

In this webinar we will take you through our initial work creating a highly developed Learning Gateway from 2007-10. In the second half of the session we will break out into new code the team has written which has not been shown to anyone yet. This includes:

  • ·         A whole new ‘My Site’ development with custom skins which allow the user to create a themed environment.
  • ·         A fully searchable SharePoint Knowledge Base for end users, admins and developers to support them working with SharePoint 2010.
  • ·         A CPD (Continuous Professional Development) system which removes the paper chase from work requests.
  • ·         SharePoint Rewards system which enables teachers to instantly award points to students who can see their scores in real time.

MetaVis have been very kind in supporting us with their webinar system so please do sign up below and we look forward to sharing our new work with you.

Details: Mike Herrity and Dave Coleman will be presenting this webinar live on Wednesday 6th July at 7pm BST/2pm EDT

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SharePoint in Education Summer Term Review. The Blog is back!

This evening I decided I would do something I have not done in a while and write a blog post. I had realised it has been a while since I last wrote a piece due to the sheer madness of the last term but two and a half months was a bit longer than I realised! I thought it might be useful to write a review of what on earth I have been up to given that 73 days have gone past as we have had some interesting times.

May 2010

SharePoint 2010 is launched

The real focus for the month was the worldwide launch of SharePoint 2010. This happened on May 14th and I am pleased to say we were able to be part of it at Twynham School. As we were on the TAP programme (for more on what a TAP programme is click here) for SharePoint 2010 between December 2008 and May 2010 I was delighted when we were asked to become a case study client. After a few long calls and changes of copy on the actual launch day we were included as a Microsoft Worldwide case study. If you haven’t had time to read the case study you can find a link to the site here or download a handy pdf here.

An Introduction to SharePoint 2010- growing the ‘by schools, for schools’ model

As we were coming to the end of the SharePoint TAP programme I thought it might be useful to share what was happening with the launch of SharePoint 2010 and the benefits to schools. After a little mild arm twisting I managed to persuade Ray Fleming to host an event at Microsoft HQ for 50 schools. With 7 high quality speakers from schools who had been using SharePoint 2010 for at least 6 months we announced 50 spaces…. and promptly had 232 requests! Clearly there was a lot of interest in SharePoint 2010. Our first event on May 14th was a huge success and has led me to think about how we grow the school SharePoint community in the UK.

Excited delegates!

 The main reason for my absence from blogging

Of course the above events are the sort of things I do most weeks as my school has kindly released me to work with other schools across the country. So why have I been so quiet? During the month of May my wife became very ill and ended up in hospital a number of times. The reason for this is she was 12 weeks pregnant and her body was not reacting to well during the sickness phase. 8 weeks of trauma ensued during which it was hard to think of blogging and even working but I am pleased to say she is now 22 weeks along and has recently been given the ‘all clear’.

June 2010

SharePoint 2010 Roadshow

By the beginning of June we had over 300 requests for the ‘An Introduction to SharePoint 2010′ events and so we took to the road to put on events in Manchester and Warwickshire as well as a fourth event in Reading. The waiting list is much smaller now but we will still look to put on one or two events in Reading in the new year. Look out for bigger events later in 2010 and throughout 2011 which build on the initial concept and allow schools to look at specific SharePoint products and techniques.

The Independants Commeth

One of the trends I have been meaning to comment on for some time is the increasing interest shown by Independent Schools in Learning Platforms. Back in 2007 when we started our online learning work we had no contact in the first two years from Independent Schools. In the last year we have spoken to over 100 who are interested in using SharePoint as a Learning Platform with over 20 enquiries in the last 6 weeks alone.

 I have finally become convinced we should use a VLE!

As many of you will know I have been a firm advocate of ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning through open and accessible rich resources over the concept of a VLE. The main reason for my views on this is actually the poor quality of VLE’s I have seen over the years. In the last few months I have found an authoring tool which makes good use of the SLK with SharePoint and I am pleased to say Twynham are now using a VLE! More about this in the autumn term when I will be showing of our work.

July 2010

The Learning Gateway Conference

As we head towards the end of the school year there is still one high quality event to attend before we all head of for a well earned break. The Learning Gateway Conference is taking place this Wednesday 14th July in London. It promises to be a great time meeting up with schools and there are some excellent speakers and topics to attend. There are still a few places left so if you can get out of school on Wednesday fill in the form here and get yourself along

SharePoint in Education Roundup for July

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I am conscious there has been a lot of blogging going on in the month of July with 20 posts in 13 days. I thought it would be useful to summarise the topics I have been covering in this time while I take a breath so people who have not had a chance to pick a thread up can navigate easily to it. I am off to present at the Learning Gateway Conference tomorrow and will start a theme on User Adoption in SharePoint then. In the meantime feel free to look at the following posts which I have put into topics for ease of navigation:

Media Streaming in SharePoint

  1. Media Streaming for User Adoption
  2. Media Streaming Library
  3. Media Streaming Web Part

SharePoint 2010

  1.  SharePoint 2010- are you ready for it?
  2. SharePoint 2010 Unleashed- get the details here

Windows 7

  1. Windows 7 load times on a Netbook v XP
  2. Wondows 7 available for summer 2009 install in schools
  3. Windows 7 with 7 key features

Online Reporting to Parents in SharePoint

  1. Overview of Online Reporting in SharePoint
  2. Online Reporting- Student Details
  3. Online Reporting- SharePoint licensing requirements

Reporting Services Integration in SharePoint for GCSE Results Analysis

  1. Video Overview of Reporting Services in SharePoint
  2. Headline Analysis
  3. All Subject Analysis
  4. Subject Analysis
  5. Class Analysis
  6. Student Analysis