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This week we have been working on a new Self Review system for students at Twynham School. This uses SharePoint to allow students to reflect on how they are performing half way through their first year of A-level. The project is just beginning so needs some polish but I thought it would be useful to show a demo of where we are at the moment. Have a look at the video below and let me know any thoughts on what we are doing and how we could make it better.

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SharePoint Self Review Web Part

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Why not become your schools hero with the SharePoint Self Review Web Part

One of the real strengths of SharePoint 2007 is the ability to quickly gather and share information. At Twynham as with all schools teachers are under pressure with the volume of data they need to give to review student performance. Whilst this is a major step forward in education many are arguing that just collecting more data from staff is counterproductive and time consuming. What can be more powerful is looking for more opportunities to encourage students to reflect

At Twynham last week we were faced with exactly this scenario when we returned from the Christmas break. Our Director of 6th Form wanted some quality reflection from year 12 and 13 students through self review. Last year he used a SharePoint survey which worked well but had two problems. Firstly it took time to set up and was not easy to adapt the data for the Director. The second issue was the survey required students to input core data that they shouldn’t need to. It seemed time for a web part! The Twynham team built a webpart which allows all students to quickly fill in a self reflection which can be seen below.

My Review- click to enlarge

Twynham year 12 and 13 students will be using this webpart from today to reflect on how they feel they are doing with their attitude to learning and what they feel they will achieve at the end of the course. This data can then be exported and shared with teachers. The key to the value of this work is that technology is encouraging both reflection and dialogue- two things which ensure students make greater progress.

This web part is available to purchase from Twynham Solutions alongside our mentoring and ILP system. For further details contact me by email here

Online Reporting to Parents Web Parts.

As we approach the end of the school year I thought I would return to a really important topic which will be top of the agenda in the next school year. I am of course talking about Online Reporting to Parents which must be completed by all secondary schools by the end of the next school year. At Twynham School we produced Online Reporting to Parents Web Parts for SharePoint two years ago before the government agenda. We have now made these available for sale in a partnership with Salamander Soft, a leading MIS/SharePoint Integration company. I have already written about the following Web Parts (see below 1-5) which have been produced for use with SIMS, Facility CMIS and now RM G2. Please click on the links below for a detailed set of blogs showing the specification of each Web Part.

  1. Timetable Web Part
  2. Attendance Web Parts
  3. Reports Web Parts
  4. Assessment Web Part
  5. Online Reporting to Parents page

Tomorrow I will start to cover the new Web Parts we have been producing to add to our current range and what we plan to be working on over the summer. If you would like further details in terms of annual licenses and installation you can contact me by email at

Online Reporting to Parents- what does it look like at Twynham School

Continuing the Parental Engagement theme I wanted to look in further detail at Online Reporting to Parents. This is a huge government agenda launched in 2008 and all secondary schools will need to have a system in place by 2010 (primary schools by 2012). At Twynham School we have developed our Online Reporting system on SharePoint through the Parent Gateway. Our two SharePoint/SQL developers have pulled a wide range of data through from CMIS our MIS system in the form of web parts. These have been produced through discussion with students, parents and teachers to ensure they are educationally relevant.

On our Parent Gateway, when the parent logs in at the top right corner of the page will appear the ‘My Child’ section which lists all of the parent’s children at the school. Selecting one of the children brings up the Online Reporting page which looks like this:

Online Reporting top- click to enlarge

Online Reporting bottom-click to enlarge

The current set up covers a range of Web Parts which I have blogged on in February so rather than repeat this whole process, if you are interested in what exactly each of the Web Parts does it makes sense to link back to these posts. They are as follows:

I hope this is useful for colleagues who are looking to meet the 2010 deadline for Online Reporting to Parents. Since October 2008 we have been working with the MIS/SharePoint development company Salamander Soft to produce these Web Parts with integration from SIMS and are now moving on to RM G2. This has allowed us to make Online Reporting available on SharePoint for all MIS systems. If you have a SharePoint set up and would like to discuss purchasing these Web Parts for any MIS system please feel free to contact me by email