SharePoint 2010 New Features for End Users Part 3. Adding media to SharePoint 2010 pages.

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So far in this series on end user features in SharePoint 2010 we have covered

  1. SharePoint 2010 and the arrival of the ribbon.
  2. Adding images to SharePoint 2010 pages

In this third part in the series we look at how end users can add media to pages in SharePoint 2010.

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SharePoint 2010 New Features for End Users Part 2 Adding images to SharePoint 2010 pages

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In the first session on this series of video posts on SharePoint 2010 we looked at the arrival of the Ribbon to SharePoint. The first post can be seen here.

In this second session I will show you how to simply upload an image directly into SharePoint 2010 using the ribbon.

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SharePoint 2010 New Features for End Users Part 1 The Ribbon Commeth!

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In this first session we take a look at the Ribbon in SharePoint 2010 and the ability to add and manipulate text on a SharePoint site.

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SharePoint 2010 RTM Day. Take a sneak peek at 10 awesome end user features for SharePoint 2010.

As many of you will know today is the RTM (release to manufacture) of SharePoint 2010 and the starting point for many schools to consider migrating from SharePoint 2007 or moving from non-SharePoint Learning Platforms. For our team at Twynham School it is a special day as we have actually been working with SharePoint 2010 since December 2008 on Microsoft’s TAP (Technical Access Preview). This means we have helped been able to help shape and develop the latest platform through Alpha, Beta, Beta 2 and RC- it has been a long but enjoyable journey!

I thought it might be useful to share some of the major developments in SharePoint 2010 as we are now running this fully within the school with our 3,000 users. These are just a taster with screenshots and headings but I will be putting out much more detail over the next few months. Here are some key changes and improvements you should look out for.

1. The Ribbon which we hve got to know (and love?) in Office 2007 now appears in SharePoint 2010.

2. Uploading images is now simple and as easy as the rest of Office

3. Changes take place within the page

4. Media can be instantly uploaded into the page.

5. Cross Browser Support

6. Web Apps bring real cloud computing to SharePoint.

7.  Social Media improvements (e.g. rating and tagging)

8. Improved My Sites and Social Integration.

9. Improved social features in blogging.

10. Powerpoint broadcasting from SharePoint

Snow days and the effective Learning Platform. Staff connecting with the Learning Gateway.

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Does the Learning Gateway support staff working when the school is closed.

Of course the Learning Gateways are used by both students and staff and so one of the other questions is did staff find it helpful on the snow day? The Gateway contains a separate area for all our staff including support staff to get key notices, look at their timetable, search for a student and access relevant data about them and whole classes and access key school documents. As well as this they have staff only subject areas for department documents and resources.  Walking around the school site on Friday a number of staff commented on using the time during a snow day to update a learning area or adding schemes of work. This is supported by the statistics below with the snow day the second bar from the end.

Twynham Learning Gateway Staff visitor numbers

Again I have taken the two week trend which shows around 170-190 staff (120 teachers plus support staff) a day access the staff section of the Gateway during the 9 school days shown above. On the snow day this was impressively high with over 150 staff choosing to login and complete work online.

Twynham School Staff Gateway

From the usage analysis during the recent snow day it seems clear that the TwynhamLearning Gateways are an embedded aspect of both student and staff use. Both groups clearly use it to support both learning and teaching beyond the classroom. Its impact was further made clear to a member of staff at The Year 14 presentation evening held on Wednesday 6thJanuary. A student now studying Sociology at LSE asked if she could have access to the Learning Gateways for her first year at University. When asked what the reason for this was she said she missed the quality and ease of availability of resources that she could get from Twynham School’s Learning Gateway.

Snow days and the effective Learning Platform. What happens when you further engage students?

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What happens when you further engage students in aspects of the Learning Gateway?

One interesting thing about the timing of the snow day is the fact that it followed a major launch the day before. On Wednesday 6thJanuary we launched our new Online Options system to the whole of year 9 in assembly. We have had an Online Options system for three years at TwynhamSchool but a new build aimed at further engaging students with a face lift and new videos was quietly made live on Monday 4th January. After the launch on Wednesday morning we would expect a surge in numbers as students can independently look at all possible GCSE subjects from both within school and at home. The statistics for the first week of spring term are below.

Statistics for the launch week of Online Options and the new site

The statistics show that students started to find the site on Monday and Tuesday when returning to school. On Wednesday and Friday when the launch plus PSHE lessons being in the IT rooms to allow students to look at the site saw 247 and 269 students visiting. What is astonishing is the highest day for visitors during the week was Thursday when 271 students visited the Online Options site even though the school was closed. The feedback on the new site has been overwhelming positive and the evidence shows that when something is both well created and seen as valuable by students they will use it heavily. With just 250 students in year 9 the vast majority visited the site on the snow day with some students from other year groups taking an inquisitive look. Looking at the number of pages viewed some students viewed as many as 280+ pages on the new site.

Student comment video on the French Options page

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