Cloud Computing with SharePoint 2010 and more. Office 365 brings a rich cloud experience.

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It has been an interesting month for talk of Cloud Computing and specifically the availability of Office in the cloud. Microsoft announced a much needed upgrade to its BPOS and Azure offerings by launching Office 365. Using Microsoft’s extensive data centres Office 365 will bring together 4 key pillars of Microsoft’s productivity and communication tools in Office, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync. Whereas the lack of maturity within current cloud offerings was a barrier to moving resources off site the ‘full fat’ nature of Office 365 is likely to represent a big change from the view that hardware must always be on premise.

Check out the video below which gives a 5 minute overview of Office 365

Are schools likely to be moving to the cloud with all services in the near future? At a meeting I attended last week opinion amongst Network Managers was divided with a number needing to see the level of functionality available off site before commiting. Of course the greatest concern remains the quality of broadband connection into the school. As this hopefully improves we are likely to see a big move to the cloud over the next 3-5 years.


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  1. Trudy Hutzler says:

    I would think a major roadblock to schools joining the cloud of Office 365 would be the fact that Office is still required to be on the desktop in one form fashion or another with Office 365. You either need to purchase the version that comes with the “desktop application” or if you buy the version without the desktop application included the system requirements list Office 2007 or Office 2010 as a requirement.

    Since many schools are still using older versions of Office or even Microsoft works, that would be an added expense, and could even be cost prohibitive when schools can’t meet their budgets as it is.

  2. Mike Herrity says:

    I suspect there a lot of changes underway here in the education sector and I do not see the stipulation of a desktop version being held for long in this area. At the same time there are signs of a very significant reduction in what are already very cheap licensing costs for schools (perhaps as much as 70%). Whilst I think it is an issue now I believe that by the time Office 365 becomes a reality we will see cloud only purchase possible.


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