Connecting effectively with SharePoint Offline

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Yesterday I started a new series of product reviews by looking at the excellent RSSbus SharePoint Web Part which helps you to connect to hundreds of sources of data and place them in your SharePoint environment. Continuing with the theme of SharePoint Product Reviews I wanted to look at the issue of access to SharePoint 24/7 and anytime/anywhere. One of the biggest issues here is how do you stay connected with your SharePoint environment without Internet access. The increasing availability of public wireless and the emergence of 3G has in some ways helped to reduce this issue. At the same time the move towards paid for public wireless and the huge number of 3G black spots means that more than ever having access to SharePoint withouht the internet is essential. One of the excellent tools you can use to help you do this is Colligio Reader for SharePoint.

Colligio Reader for SharePoint is a free product which allows you to sync your SharePoint to your laptop to view in read only mode. This is a fully fledged product which takes all the SharePoint libraries and picture galleries along with all your meta data into the offline environment. The reader works straight off your laptop with no server based installation so you can download it here and start using straight away. As with the RSSbus Web Part we will be producing a range of full product reviews with screenshots examining the functionality in the Autumn Term so look out for this.

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