Creating connected and collaborative learners. Where should their good ideas come from?

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Over the last few weeks everywhere I go I have been hearing a recurring theme about the nature of successful learning which resonates with my own long held view. The word which best sums this theme up is ‘collaboration’. It seems as a society we are at last increasingly realising that growing our young minds through interdependence is just as important if not more so as fostering independence. Whilst watching a video by Steve Johnson I was struck by how important it is that we have encourage our learners to be connected and collaborative for success. The video is called Where do good ideas come from? and it is well worth 5 minutes of your time to watch.

A number of things struck me within the piece including the premise that many great ideas are created from a number of different ‘hunches’ from a range of different people. Surely it is in this context that we should increasingly recognise the value of shared and creative learning which is not constrained by individual formal assessment? For me a quote at the end of the video sums this up.

‘That’s the real lesson of where good ideas come from, that chance favours the connected mind.’  Steve Johnson

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