Dell brings the Netbook and the Tablet together. Creating a perfect learning device with Dell Duo?

October 26, 2010 by · 5 Comments
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As many of you will know I was (and still am) a big advocate of a the Netbook as an effective learning device for schools. Much of the fanfare around Netbooks has faded as the world has gone tablet crazy but Netbooks have not disappeared just yet.  Whilst I am also a big tablet fan and love the use of One Note in this format I still believe that the lack of a real keyboard will hold them back as devices in the educational market. There are of course flip tablets with a keyboard which can then lay fully flat in tablet mode. These hinges seem more susceptible to damage in a school environment as I found out on a recent visit to a school in the Midlands where 15% of all tablet pcs were being repaired at any one time.

Then I saw this very ingenious take on converting a Netbook into a tablet and it all started to make sense. Take a look at the video.

I love the simplicity and ease with which the tablet becomes a Netbook or ‘mobile computing device’ as Dell puts it. You will also notice that Netbook specs continue to rise and with a dual core atom processor on board and HD  this multi purpose device is more likely to be successful in meeting the needs of learners. Let me know your thoughts.


5 Responses to “Dell brings the Netbook and the Tablet together. Creating a perfect learning device with Dell Duo?”
  1. Ronnie Swafford says:

    This is the exact device I’ve been waiting for! The perfect email, media, travel device. Now to test it on a presentation :)

  2. Nick Dennis says:

    I like the idea but still looks pretty bulky to me. I would be interested in battery life and how robust the hinge is.

  3. It’s always going to be bulkier than a dedicated tablet if it has a mechanical keyboard, and with those sort of specs, marketing the battery life is going to be a challenge when everybody will be comparing it with the relatively low-spec iPad.

    Like Nick, I remain sceptical about the hinge. It certainly looks better than the single pivot on previous tablet convertibles, but I’ll be looking out for this at BETT to see just how sturdy it really is. Do you think Dell will throw me off their stand if I drop it a few times to test it?

  4. An interesting take on the tablet and netbook. I always thought that hinges were a disaster in the making though and this thing has 2 hinges. They are a weak point and I think that including this many moving parts to get in a keyboard is suicide.

    If the issue is a keyboard, why not have an attached detachable keyboard, which is bluetooth-enabled or something? You would be able to take it off and use it or choose not to, but it wouldn’t be a damage point.

  5. Bob says:

    I’m left with a few questions:
    Touchscreen or multitouch?
    Camera? (I didn’t spot one at all)
    Robustness of the pivot hinge.
    Stylus to make use of handwriting recognition?
    Battery life?

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