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Earlier in the day I wrote about the free product Colligio SharePoint Reader which allows you to access your SharePoint sites when away from Internet access. This is a fantastic resource and you can download it from here at no cost. At the same time you may be looking for a product which not only allows you to access your SharePoint sites but also enables you to edit them offline and then sync back to the server. Colligo has covered this with their product Colligio Contributor. 

Colligio Contributor is a fully featured product which has a rich user interface allowing you to continue working with SharePoint in an Offline environment. Two way syncing and a drag and drop interface make this a highly intuitive piece of software which will have a dramatic impact on the productivity of teachers who can update their subject sites at home without the internet and update them on arrival in the school the next day. This product is available from the Colligio site on a trial basis and is well worth looking at for key staff who are power users of SharePoint.

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