Features of a SharePoint 2010 Learning Platform- Tagging and Rating

Having looked at MIS and VLE integration it is time to move on to one of the more powerful and often underused features of a Learning Platform- tagging and rating.  This feature has made significant steps forward from SharePoint 2007 and in SharePoint 2010 it has genuine potential to support the learning process through reflection and review.

Tagging and Rating

In many ways the arrival of SharePoint 2010 has led to the liberation for end users who are now active participants. This is immediately obvious in the ability to rate documents within SharePoint 2010 as can be seen below.

The image shows end user ratings for documents and files on a 1-5 star system. Although it is a simple system it has the potential to be profoundly useful for teachers and learners. One of the biggest challenges within SharePoint 2007 for an educator was knowing which resources are proving most useful for support and study. With a simple 1-5 system it is instantly possible to see which resources students are finding most useful. This can allow the ‘bubbling up’ of the best resources to the top so that they can instantly be viewed  when accessing a page. The same system can be applied to a multimedia library as shown below.

Of course a 1-5 star rating has its limitations in terms of the amount of feedback it gives the creator. You could create a document which you thought would be very useful but which gets a low rating- why? This is where tagging comes in. This gives the end user the ability to add additional metadata to a resource which can include an explanation of why the like it. The ‘I like it’ feature is shown both above and below in the top right corner of the ribbon.

Students can then add information about why the liked the resource which can support teachers in adaptation or the future development of resources. This is shown below.

As you can hopefully see tagging and rating have significant potential to be useful in the development of a better learning environment both for teachers and learners.


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