GCSE Online Options in SharePoint part 3 of 3

December 8, 2009 by · 1 Comment
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In the last of this three part series I look at the power of our SharePoint development for admins. With version 3 of our Online Options site any administrator can edit the complete site including upload of streaming video with complete ease. Check out the video below for a full demo.

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One Response to “GCSE Online Options in SharePoint part 3 of 3”
  1. Randy Stevenson says:

    Looking for a good kick-start for SharePoint.

    Scenario: I am an Application Testing Specialist for Deere & Company, and here are “my orders”, quoting from my Supervisor: “We need to get rid of the Team Web Site. It’s old and clunky and hard to update. You need to convert it into a Sharepoint site.”

    That’s all I have. The gauntlet has been dropped. No previous exposure to Sharepoint, except for a little bit as a reluctant end-user. Our Team Web Site is primarily used as the interface for our customers to request testing services and to review reports of completed testing projects (reports that are generated in HTML format from a tool called LoadRunner). Our “request for services” is essentially a PHP-based questionnaire which accompanies a Visio Diagram of the application architecture. As long as I am trying to “adapt” to Sharepoint, I thought I might as well publish our Team process and procedures documents in a Secure area within the site. None of these documents currently exist.

    In a word “Arghhh!” I am scrambling to try to learn as much about how to use Sharepoint as I can with only “idle, non-testing time” as my main resource. No training. No mentor. Limited access to an on-staff Sharepoint support person. She can tell me what a Web Part is. And a Document list. And a Survey.

    Your site, though obviously built by someone light years ahead of where I am or probably ever will be, is awesome. Do you have suggestions on where I can start? Like many subjects these days, there is so much information out there it is hard to know where to go first. Plus, most sites assume that Sharepoint is a career position or, as a minimum, a full time passion.

    I hope you can provide me with your thoughts… However, please avoid the any tendency that you might have to say, “No way! You’re doomed to failure. It can’t be done.” or “You need to hire someone as a professional consultant.” or “What’you smokin?” Though probably accurate, these responses are of no value.

    Thanks. I will now go back to trying to figure out how to set up our Team procedures, somehow organizing things that haven’t even been written yet into logical categories.

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