Getting control of your SharePoint setup

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In one of my earlier posts this month I talked about the impact of SharePoint at Twynham school with 50% of our users on the Learning Gateways when the school closed due to snow (see Snow days 1 and 2-What did our students do?) One of the frustrating things about tracking usage in SharePoint is the analysis is not very granular. I have to go in and out of sites to measure individual site usage and looking at which documents are used and how often is close to impossible. With this in mind Dave Coleman our Network Manager and ICT Consultant has been looking for a more powerful tool to track and control SharePoint use. At the start of this week he came across ControlPoint by Axceler, a powerful management tool which enables administrators to better know and control their SharePoint setup. We are installing the solution this week so I will ask Dave to write some guest posts to show the added functionality we have gained.

ControlPoint interface

ControlPoint interface

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