Media Streaming in SharePoint for user adoption

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Dave Coleman is a wise and venerable man of SharePoint at our school and in the UK scene. An advocate of SharePoint since the early incarnations in 2000 and a loyal supporter through 2003 and MOSS 2007. Although we have overseen most of the development of Online Learning at Twynham School together with our team there is one area he can take credit for alone. The most interesting thing about this development is it has had one of the most significant impacts on staff user adoption and everywhere we go in education we rarely find anyone who is using this facility.

Twynham School Media Interface

Twynham School Media Interface

I am of course talking about media streaming which has been running at Twynham School for 4 years. Fate helped a little here as in July 2005 the entire systems team were given one weeks notice that they could not work on site during the summer holidays as the roof to the school was being taken off! Dave thought on his feet and sent an email around to all staff asking for any videos and DVDs that teachers had to be sent to his team. He was a little shocked to say the least when 7 days later the school closed and they had over 2,500 videos and DVDs in boxes. These were split 4 ways, loaded in their cars and over a 6 week period digitised. 

The school now has a staggering 4,000 digital attributes in the media section of SharePoint. Later on I will cover how all this works and is used at Twynham. My main question to other schools is why do you not use media streaming at your school? As the last of the TVs and DVDs leaves the school this summer and we no longer witness in-corridor fighting between teachers over the one and only DVD that can be found period 5 on a Friday we know that digitising media has had a huge impact at Twynham School.


7 Responses to “Media Streaming in SharePoint for user adoption”
  1. Pete Gilbert says:

    What media streaming software/plugins are you using? Are you using Windows Media Streaming Services?

  2. Carl Booth says:

    We have a YouTube clone where teachers can pull videos directly from YouTube URLs or upload their own creations.

    It was a nightmare to setup but works quite well!


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