Media Streaming in SharePoint part 2

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Following on from my earlier blog on Media Streaming in SharePoint I thought I would put out a Camtasia Video showing the ways in which we present video. The key to placing media throughout our SharePoint site is the use of asx wrapper files which link to our media server. At Twynham we have one central repository for these files, The Media Library, which is administered by the Network Technician who digitises clips. The Media Library is only available to staff who can then place individual clips around their sites to allow students to see them outside lessons. Because only the wrapper file is available to staff and this is a 1Kb file the media server itself is never exposed to anybody outside the Systems Team which prevents deletion of the actual WMV files.

In the Camtasia video above you can see the Media library with a folder system and search functionality. After this you see various sites where teachers have made digital media available such as the Revision Gateway. Streaming Media has had an enormous impact on teachers ability to deliver digital media to students both in lessons and beyond. If you would like to consider support for installation of this product you can contact me using the comments section on this blog, on twitter @mikeherrity or via email mike.herrity@twynhamschool.comand we can give you a further demonstration using webex.


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