New SharePoint 2010 features for education. SharePoint School Reward System.

In the last series I looked at Twynham School’s first new product for SharePoint 2010- the Online School Calendar. If you missed these posts you can find the first part here and the second part here. Our second product launch this summer was the SharePoint School Reward system which has been live at Twynham School for 5 weeks now. The idea for an online reward system was developed within out Student Council and I have written about their part in our SharePoint development in previous posts which you can see here. With every development we ask that whether you are a student or a member of staff you create a ‘mock up’ or storyboard to make sure your ideas are clear and the original ideas of the students can be seen in the image below.

From this point we then set to work building the solution in SharePoint. One of our newest SharePoint developers, Rob Brown built out the original teacher view which I will show in this post. The main criteria was to give staff instant access to the classes they teach and their tutor group to give a reward point or as we call it an AA (Academic Achievement). As well as this it quickly became clear that staff would need the ability to give any student an AA regardless of whether they teach them or not. The interface for staff can be seen below:

Using the left hand side teachers can quickly and easily award AAs to students they teach or tutees. They simply select a class from the drop down and all students are shown as you can see below (student surnames have been removed):

From here a teacher can select any student and award an AA from the drop down up to a maximum of 3 AAs. Two things which were removed from the specification were the ability to give more than 3AAs and the ability to batch select an entire group and give them all an AA. In both cases students felt these actions would devalue the curency of the AA and wanted fewer reward points given for better achievements. The final aspect you will notice on the image above is a running total of AAs you as a teacher have awarded to each student so you can see how they are doing in your subject during the year.

You can see the full gateway page with the AA system built in below to give some context:

Tomorrow I will cover the system for awarding AAs to students that you do not teach.


5 Responses to “New SharePoint 2010 features for education. SharePoint School Reward System.”
  1. This is an interesting concept. I’m assuming that this is an alternative to an awards assembly where few students are recognized. With this system, students can be recognized for their own personal improvement and effort. Is there a benefit to the whole school, i.e. reach a certain reward level and receive a tangible reward of some sort?

  2. Mike Herrity says:

    The idea is actually to replace a whole school reward system which in the UK often lives in the logbook. This is very old fashioned with students getting signatures from teachers. The new system allows teachers to give rewards in class and also whilst marking work. When the student reaches certain thresholds they are awarded prizes.

  3. From a student’s perspective it is a useful tool to have. It means they don’t have to chase teachers for signatures, they can view awards, what subjects they received most in and see trends. The best point about this tool is when Head of Years used to collect AA totals in from Tutors every week, they would have to email them in. However now, its a quick and easy process to add them to a Powerpoint.

    There is also the peer side of the system, where students get competitive, ending up in them trying harder to get and award motivating them to get the most effort out.


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