One Note in Education the catalyst for netbooks

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If you are new to One Note as an application then it might be useful to start by explaining exactly what it is. One Note is a note taking package which allows information gathering of text, notes, audio and video as well as web capture in a continuous format without the boundaries of page breaks. At the same time it allows people to work together as multiple editors to enable multi-user collaboration. In its original form One Note was devised for ideal use with tablet technology and in many ways this is why it has not taken off as much as it should have done as tablet technology has had limited adoption. At the same time One Note does have a significant fan base amongst people not using tablets because of its sheer flexibility and strengths as a note taking tool. Take a look at this demo to see how One Note is used without a tablet.

I think One Note is an excellent product and with the emergence of tablet technology on netbooks this software has a great chance to make a major impact in education. Last year I saw a series of videos showing how One Note can be used in the classroom and I wanted to show you these on the blog. The first is a video from a school in the US where tablet laptops have been in use for a long time.


What I really like about the video is the teachers are not trying to overuse the product they are simply sticking to the strengths of the product- note taking within a framework, digital sharing and collaboration. The second video is from a secondary school in Norway where audio, web and tablet writing are used by groups.


Although some elements of the video for me are a little contrived (I would have explained the task in the room rather than add the audio!) this gives a fair idea of some of the uses of One Note. As a tool I think One Note will continue to grow in use and offers the potential to get rid of exercise books if used with a tablet netbook.

Given it is a Friday I thought I would show you a couple of very old videos used to promote One Note in its 2003 version. I found them a little entertaining and hope they make you smile as we run into the weekend.



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  1. Cindy Seibel says:

    We’ve been using tablets for some time in both our online program and a high school math setting. Tablet technology on a netbook is encouraging from a price-point perspective, as the outcomes have been very positive.

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