Online Reporting to Parents licensing in SharePoint

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Yesterday I started a new theme looking at Online Reporting to Parents using SharePoint. If you haven’t read my previous article it makes sense to pick it up here first before reading this one.  In my role as a SharePoint Consultant I have been to over 100 schools this year and many of them are looking to setup SharePoint or extend it by offering access to parents and Online Reporting. By far the biggest question and confusion surrounding this is the issue of CALs or Client Access Licenses and the External Connector License. Many schools have been advised that they will need to purchase additional CALs and pay for an External Connector License when they provide logins to parents. At the same time some schools have been told that this is not necessary.

Clarification from Microsoft

I have asked Microsoft for clarification with this issue and Ray Fleming has responded with a blog within 24 hours of my question (thanks Ray) clearing it all up. Rather than repeating what he has said it makes sense to simply ask you to click here to read the post.

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