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To finish the series I have been running on our work to meet the 2010 agenda for Online Reporting to Parents I wanted to show you what we have done with reports. These are perhaps the most informative piece of feedback parents receive in the year but the traditional delivery method can creates a number of problems. How many of the reports never make it home? The only way to get anywhere near 100% of reports to parents is post them out (far too expensive) or reply slips which take up hundreds of hours of admin time in a school. The other issue is how well read are the reports and how are they stored? For all of these issues having reports available online anytime anywhere with a secure login makes a lot of sense.

Annual Report Web Part

Annual Report Web Part


The image above shows the web part interface when a parent logs in to the Parent Gateway. A parent can click on any of the years to see reports across the whole time the student is present at school. Now that we have seen the 5 major web parts we have produced it is worth seeing them all together in context. Our parents and students can access the ‘My Child’ or ‘My Progress’ in one click and the view they see is as follows.

'My Progress' page top

'My Progress' page top

'My Progress' page bottom

'My Progress' page bottom

All of our Web Parts work on both CMIS and Capita SIMS. If you are interested in using the Web Parts on your SharePoint site then you can contact me at


3 Responses to “Online Reporting to Parents Report Viewer”
  1. Cindy Seibel says:

    Mike, I happened upon your blog through a Twitter search, but had also been on technet yesterday and seen info about your school.

    This is great work you are sharing. I recently completed my Master’s and prepared a Parent Portal Guide as my project – it’s a living document available to support others so would love your feedback and would love to include some of your learnings in the next rev.

    We are also building a Sharepoint environment in my district in Calgary, Canada. Staff, students, parents so your posts are most welcome. This is the first post I landed on, so you may deal with this question elsewhere – are you building your own webparts or are these purchased? are you working with an external provider beyond Microsoft?

    Thanks and I look forward to more conversation and reading your posts.

  2. Marc Hawes says:


    I think it would be better to call this section Results rather than Reports as it implies that the Reports bitlet is bring brought through rather than the Results one from E Portal.


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