Pogoplug review: your own personal cloud storage

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Time for a bit of non-SharePoint/Learning Platform talk. As those of you who have followed the blog over the last 18 months will know I am very interested in cloud computing and love gadgets. One of my first ever blog posts back in January 2009 was about a new device which was launched back at CES. The device was called Pogoplug and Robert Scoble made a big noise about it.

Having lost touch with Pogoplug since then I was pleased to come across their 2nd Generation version in PC World last week. I could not help but pick one up as the ability to access my vast library (which currently sits on three large hard drives) from anywhere would be really useful. If you have not met Pogoplug before it is well worth watching this quick video below to get an overview of what it does.

Although the video was made by Pogoplug the hype was very much accurate. Within 60 seconds I was up and running with complete access to my 3 hard drives which are connected up to the Pogoplug and then into my modem. The web interface is simple and intuitive and very responsive. Given a cost of just £70 I was left wondering why would you pay for cloud storage on a monthly basis when you can own your own for a one off payment. One other bonus is the range of devices the Pogoplug can be accessed on and in my case the iPhone app will be my most common access point.

Pogoplug have also announced in the last week that they are launching a business version of Pogoplug with more details here. Demos of the Pogoplug will be posted when I have had more time to play with it.


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