Reporting Services Integration in SharePoint 2 of 6

Yesterday we looked at accessing data directly from within SharePoint using the very powerful tool Reporting Services. At the top of the pyramid of data we had senior leaders (and indeed all members of staff) being able to quickly pull up Headline data shown in the table below.

The next stage for senior or middle leaders when results are in is to look at department level data to see how each department has performed. In the table above the top right corner contains the word GCSE. By clicking on this link a stage down in the pyramid appears- the department level analysis.

All subject analysis- click to enlarge

All subject analysis- click to enlarge

From here senior and middle leaders can look at the overall performance of departments across the A*-U range as well as the key indicators A*-A and A*-C. They can also see residuals which are then nationally adjusted on the far right to give a true reflection of relative performance. From here you can drill directly into individual classes to look at performance across a single department. This is something I will cover tomorrow.

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