Reporting Services Integration in SharePoint 4 of 6

Moving into Middle Leader and Class teacher analysis, yesterday we were looking at the department table which is pulled through Reporting Services into SharePoint. This is shown below and enables the Head of Department and Line Manager to examine differences in outcomes between individual classes.

At this stage the Head of Department may want to drill into an individual class to look at the reasons for particularly strong or weak outcomes. They can do this simply by clicking on the class code on the right side of the table above. What appears next is a very powerful page for discussion between Heads of Department and Class teacher which can be seen below.

Individual Class Analysis- click to enlarge

Bear in mind that I have cropped out an area on the left side which contained the names of the students from this group. The table pulls through an excellent range of data for reflection including: prior attainment at Key Stage 2 and 3; review data from teacher judgements across KS4; forecast and target grades; GCSE outcomes and student points versus subject points and residuals which are then nationally adjusted. This then forms the basis of a class report written by teachers and is also a key document for Performance Management.

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