Reporting Services Integration in SharePoint 5 of 6

Having reached the class level of our data analysis tool created in Reporting Services, teachers are able to complete their analysis in September with a rich vein of data shown below.

Individual Class Analysis

Individual Class Analysis

When teachers look at those students who underperformed in their subject one of the most important questions is why. This could of course be obvious to the teacher as the student lacked motivation, had poor attendance or did not complete the exam properly. One other factor could be that the student underperformed across the board in their exams. How does a teacher find this out? Using our data analysis tool the teacher can simply click on the name of the student whose results they want to look at and the appear as shown below:

Student level analysis- click to enlarge

Student level analysis- click to enlarge

In the table above the student has strengths in Maths and Science but their performance is lower in more literate subjects which may explain their lower performance in History. The key of course is that the Reporting Services tool allows teachers to undertake this form of investigation easily and in a few clicks.


2 Responses to “Reporting Services Integration in SharePoint 5 of 6”
  1. Carl Booth says:

    This is all very exciting, but not all of us have that kind of access to the MIS database!

    Capita won’t let us near the SIMS database without a developer license which is prohibitively expensive.


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