RSSBus SharePoint Web Part and free license.

August 25, 2009 by · Leave a Comment
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I have had plenty of positive feedback on the RRSBus Web Part for SharePoint from the post this morning. Thank you for those who also pointed out the dodgy background music which I missed as I had my machine on mute so hadn’t noticed! Apologies. If you are like Chris, one of our developers, having watched it today you might have wanted some useful audio. I am pleased to say that RSSBus themselves have posted a video today which is fairly useful. Chris has also kindly agreed to put together half a dozen examples of the Web Part in use in an educational context to give you some ideas.

I emailed RSSBus last night and they have an offer of a 10 person license forĀ free so email me at for more details or go to the RSSBus site here.

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