SharePoint 2010 How far should you virtualise your deployment? A third way emerges.

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Alex Pearce SharePoint MVP enters the debate

Yesterday in a post I outline a debate we have been having at Twynham Solutions about how far we virtualise a County Council deployment which we have been asked to consult on. Dave Coleman and Chris Mckinley put forward contrasting views on how far you can virtualise your deployment. Our good friend Alex Pearce, a SharePoint MVP in UK Education tweeted me last night to say both approaches were wrong! I cheekily suggested he put up a model and half an hour later he sent me one.

Take a look at Alex Pearce’s interpretation here (click to enlarge)

What are your thoughts on models by Coleman, Mckinley and Pearce?

To get a snapshot we have a poll so please do vote on your choice for best virtualised deployment of SharePoint 2010.

 If you have a different view and would like to share it please do get in touch


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