SharePoint 2010 How far should you virtualise your deployment? The defence of Meure

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To finish off our series on virtualisation Robin Meure has provided his defence of his SharePoint 2010 solution. Robin justifies his build as follows:

Personally I have had some bad experiences with virtualised DC’s so there’s my reason to have a physical DC. The reason why I choose for two WFE’s which could be load balanced is that in most scenarios this is sufficient, especially if you have some proper load balancers in place. Then two application servers because SP2010 has a lot of Service Applications. It makes sense for me to have dedicated servers for those meaning that the WFE’s really just are for the web requests and nothing else. The DB cluster with an active/active configuration is both for making sure it’s a) fast and b) failover safe.

I hope you have enjoyed this series. If you would like to suggest an alternative architecture design please send it to me

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