SharePoint 2010 How far should you virtualise your deployment? The defence of Pearce

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In defence of project Pearce

Finishing off today with SharePoint MVP Alex Pearce explaining the reason for his deployment architecture.

Alex Pearce

The SharePoint 2010 application servers are important – they do a lot more now than they have ever.  From the old Shared Service Provider in SharePoint 2007, 2010 has given you the opportunities to spread your infrastructure. Scaling up to scale out is important, have your 3 level done from the start even if its only 1 Web Front End, 1 Application Server and 1 SQL Server.  As the services are used more and more you can spread the services to multiple application servers.

Baring this in mind, there are 2 application servers in this infrastructure, but why already?  One of the first application add-ons for SharePoint 2010 is the Office Web Apps, this should be separate from the start with all the multiple services such as the metadata and user profile service kept on the first application server with the search and indexing, this is why the first application is a physical server.

The SQL Server should only be a virtual machine should the speed of the iSCSI and IO rate of the SAN be past excellent.  Remember this if you are looking at deploying a system like this. 

Pearce architecture design

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