SharePoint 2010 How far should you virtualise your deployment? The defence of Coleman

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In defense of project Coleman

Earlier in the day I received Dave Coleman’s argument for running with his virtualised SharePoint 2010 solution. This is Dave’s argument:

Dave Coleman

My rationale for the physical servers in my deployment are that I would never totally trust a VHD to run all the domain controllers and global catalogue servers. If for instance you had a major problem with the SAN this would stop all services running in your domain.

As the SAN is the biggest single point of failure if you lose the SAN storage then you lose it all! As for the TMG server this is more debatable but I think the firewall should be separate from the rest of the domain and preferably on a physical server as there is also potential for failure. Here I think I would also P2V the TMG server and have it ready but turned off as a VHD.  

Coleman architecture design

Vote for your preferred architecture below:

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