SharePoint 2010 RTM Day. Take a sneak peek at 10 awesome end user features for SharePoint 2010.

As many of you will know today is the RTM (release to manufacture) of SharePoint 2010 and the starting point for many schools to consider migrating from SharePoint 2007 or moving from non-SharePoint Learning Platforms. For our team at Twynham School it is a special day as we have actually been working with SharePoint 2010 since December 2008 on Microsoft’s TAP (Technical Access Preview). This means we have helped been able to help shape and develop the latest platform through Alpha, Beta, Beta 2 and RC- it has been a long but enjoyable journey!

I thought it might be useful to share some of the major developments in SharePoint 2010 as we are now running this fully within the school with our 3,000 users. These are just a taster with screenshots and headings but I will be putting out much more detail over the next few months. Here are some key changes and improvements you should look out for.

1. The Ribbon which we hve got to know (and love?) in Office 2007 now appears in SharePoint 2010.

2. Uploading images is now simple and as easy as the rest of Office

3. Changes take place within the page

4. Media can be instantly uploaded into the page.

5. Cross Browser Support

6. Web Apps bring real cloud computing to SharePoint.

7.  Social Media improvements (e.g. rating and tagging)

8. Improved My Sites and Social Integration.

9. Improved social features in blogging.

10. Powerpoint broadcasting from SharePoint


One Response to “SharePoint 2010 RTM Day. Take a sneak peek at 10 awesome end user features for SharePoint 2010.”
  1. Andy K says:

    Could you expand upon the ‘Improved social features in blogging’ as I can’t workout what you mean from the small screenshot…


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