SharePoint and Office 2010 are you getting ready?

July 9, 2009 by · Leave a Comment
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So I shouldn’t be diverting from my blogs covering Online Reporting to Parents but a quick trawl of twitter before I call it a night has me thinking of SharePoint and Office 2010. This is in production and a public beta looks likely at the end of the year but the blogosphere is claiming Beta 1 will be announced on Monday at the Partner Conference.

Whilst I don’t want to get in to the speculation it made me think- how many schools who currently run SharePoint 2007 have SharePoint 2010 on the radar? Are you already thinking about when you might upgrade to the next version? Although it is a long way out it seems sensible to plan for summer 2010 as a time when the first schools will use the holidays to make the switch. For many it will probably be another year before the dust has settled and they feel ready to migrate. If it is not on your agenda yet I thought I would wet your appetite as we run into the weekend with this excellent trailer for Office 2010.

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