SharePoint Best Practices Posts wrap up so far.

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Well we started the Easter break at the excellent European SharePoint Best Practices Conference in London. This was a fantastic session and so far we have produced 8 posts which you can get to directly from here as follows:

  1. Joel Oleson on avoiding failed deployments and newbie mistakes
  2. Joel Oleson’s Keynote- 3 key messages
  3. The file server is dead! Long live the SharePoint!
  4. The Power of Search with Federated Searches
  5. Building Capacity into your SharePoint setup
  6. Planning for failure in your SharePoint setup
  7. Improving your SharePoint performance
  8. Reasons to create ‘Custom Site Definitions’

What about days 9 and 10 I hear you (rightly) cry! Our day 9 and 10 posts are slated to be Social Computing based on the presentation by Daniel McPherson and Transforming the My Site into an Information Hub by Mark Eichenberger. We will hold of on these for a few weeks as we are working on both areas at school and dont want to just put out others work but genuinely add value by contextulising the presentation with our experience in Twynham School. I hope you have enjoyed the posts so far and a big thanks to Dave Coleman, Chris Mckinley and Darren White for their efforts in producing 2 great posts each.

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