SharePoint in Education goes technical this summer

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The summer holidays for schools are either started or due to start tomorrow across the UK. With this in mind and my impending trip to Jordan and Syria I will take a break from blogging until 17th August. This leaves 3 weeks when I know many of you will still be around especially those network managers who have a very busy 6 weeks prepping for next year. With this in mind my partner in crime and good friend Dave Coleman (Network Manager of Twynham and IT Consultant) has agreed to take up the blogging duties. These will start today and this week is already lined up with the following:

  1. Knowledge Base in SharePoint
  2. Media Streaming in SharePoint 1
  3. Media Streaming in SharePoint 2
  4. Media Streaming in SharePoint 3

From here I know Dave wants to talk about preparations for SharePoint 2010 and Hyper V. Look out for posts over the next 3 weeks which will be more technical (‘How to do it’ rather than ‘How we did it’) but still accesible to all. I hope you have a good summer and if you need to get hold of me your best bet is on twitter @mikeherrity and via email on


2 Responses to “SharePoint in Education goes technical this summer”
  1. Jeff Critchlow says:

    Does anyone have any good resources on using a Macintosh , office 2008 , with SharePoint? The world of academia is still entrenched with mac users, most are very emotionally attached to that decision (just like the mac vs pc commercials hit on “I am a mac, I am better”)
    Personally, I was raised on a PC since 1982, this old dog is not learning new tricks.

  2. John Fenton says:

    I use both an iMac and a MacBook to do creative work on the Shropshire Learning Gateway but am reduced to booting into Windows through BootCamp and Parallels to add or edit the SharePoint environment. Mr Gates has made sure that his products alone are needed to fully use the features of SharePoint. Some things can be carried out in Safari or Firefox but with reduced functionality eg. only being able to upload single files or edit web parts in HTML and not rich text.

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