SharePoint in Education Roundup for July

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I am conscious there has been a lot of blogging going on in the month of July with 20 posts in 13 days. I thought it would be useful to summarise the topics I have been covering in this time while I take a breath so people who have not had a chance to pick a thread up can navigate easily to it. I am off to present at the Learning Gateway Conference tomorrow and will start a theme on User Adoption in SharePoint then. In the meantime feel free to look at the following posts which I have put into topics for ease of navigation:

Media Streaming in SharePoint

  1. Media Streaming for User Adoption
  2. Media Streaming Library
  3. Media Streaming Web Part

SharePoint 2010

  1.  SharePoint 2010- are you ready for it?
  2. SharePoint 2010 Unleashed- get the details here

Windows 7

  1. Windows 7 load times on a Netbook v XP
  2. Wondows 7 available for summer 2009 install in schools
  3. Windows 7 with 7 key features

Online Reporting to Parents in SharePoint

  1. Overview of Online Reporting in SharePoint
  2. Online Reporting- Student Details
  3. Online Reporting- SharePoint licensing requirements

Reporting Services Integration in SharePoint for GCSE Results Analysis

  1. Video Overview of Reporting Services in SharePoint
  2. Headline Analysis
  3. All Subject Analysis
  4. Subject Analysis
  5. Class Analysis
  6. Student Analysis


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