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Having used the SharePoint Resource Booking System at Twynham School for a year now I thought it was time to share this excellent solution. This product has been built by external developers but with Twynham School giving input on the functional needs for a resource booking system that could be used in education. In truth we saw it as a more narrow SharePoint Room Booking System which we would use for booking ICT rooms. It soon became clear that we could use it for a wide variety of resources including hardware, meeting rooms and even mini buses.

Our pevious system was like many used in education to book rooms and resources. Teachers would look online at a spreadsheet of rooms and availability and would then email a request to an administrator who would then update the spreadsheet. This is very tiresome for staff and it can take several hours to confirm if your room is booked. What we needed was a no hassle high speed way to find available rooms and resources and instantly book them. I have put a video demonstration together showing how we use the SharePoint Resource Booking System which can be seen below.

Best watched in HD for clarity

If you would like to have a play with the SharePoint Resource Booking System I am pleased to say a ‘Live Lab’ personal demo is available. Just head along to and set up a demo site where you can check out the functionality of the system.

I have also been given a discount code for any readers who may be interested in purchasing the SharePoint Resource Booking System. Just email the code ‘spedu’ to the email and you can get £200 or $300 of the cost of the solution.


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  1. Hello Mike,
    I work for the Microsoft Education Partner team and would like to know if I have your permission to get an RSS of your blog posts and display your picture on our site which is targeted to Microsoft Partners working in the Education industry.

    Best wishes,
    –Angela Viesse

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