SharePoint Support

On a daily basis we get requests for support from schools and non-educational organisations and questions about what we do with SharePoint in Education and beyond. I thought it would be useful to clarify our services to other schools, partnerships, federations, Local Authorities and non-educational establishments. We currently work with half a dozen LA’s, various partnerships and hundreds of schools across the UK and worldwide. In most cases if it is a SharePoint enquiry we have a SharePoint solution or answer! Our services can be best explained as follows and for further details or to make an enquiry you can contact me on


If you would like to visit us or for us to make a visit to you we would be delighted to do this. We have never turned down a request for some free  support, advice or a presentation of  what we do in education and beyond. This can also be in the form of a Live Meeting if time is an issue.


We provide a very wide range of consultancy which supports both those with no SharePoint expertise to those with mature SharePoint deployments which include:

  • Input on hardware requirements for SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 and Exchange.
  • Software costs including pricing for SharePoint, Exchange and Cals.
  • Taxonomy guidance to ensure your SharePoint sites are set up correctly.
  • User adoption techniques to ensure end users start using your SharePoint solution from day one.
  • Development advice to ensure your SharePoint solution is meeting the needs of your institution.

Topology Development

One of our key specialisms is the development of topology (design of your network) for the development of Learning Gateways. This is essential in ensuring your hardware meets the needs of your users.


We regularly install SharePoint alongside other solutions including Exchange within schools, federations and Local Authorities. This can include the installation of servers and exchange and additional Twynham modules on top of the SharePoint solution.


Many organisations with a mature SharePoint 2007 deployment will be looking to switch to SharePoint 2010 and harness the greater range of functionality available. We provide expert support on choice of migration which will vary dependant on hardware resources and the need for high availability.

Twynham Solutions

Twynham School has created a range of modules which can be added to both SharePoint 2007 and 2010. These include our Online Reporting web parts, Online Options Online Mentoring systems.

Custom Deployment

All organisations are different and have different needs. We are regularly asked to work on custom SharePoint solutions and would be happy to look at any specific needs you have.

If any of the services above interest you or you would like to find out more please do get in touch via email to to discuss.