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A few weeks ago we completed the roll out of SharePoint at Frogmore Community College in Hampshire. Since June we have been moving their school website over to SharePoint and creating a Learning Gateway for launch at the start of this school year. Our visit in early September was during a school inset day which was set aside for training on and resourcing of their Learning Gateway. To start the day we had to train the entire staff of 85 teachers and support staff on the basics of SharePoint.

In preparation for this session I started to think about something very simple which I had never given detailed thought to. What basic features do end users (staff) need to know about to start using SharePoint? Sitting down for a couple of hours I realised that many staff find it hard to get started using SharePoint and some basic features are not obvious. I therefore put together a SharePoint Survival Kit for teachers.

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Version 1 had 6 key features and at the end of the day staff at the school has managed to upload 2.6GB of resources into subject and staff areas. After feedback I added a 7th feature and presented this session to our new staff at Twynham School last Thursday. Again the feedback was very good- not everybody uses SharePoint everyday and so having access to a handout which runs through  the basic key features gives them confidence to have a go. The PowerPoint above is really useful as a handout to all staff, especially when starting with SharePoint at your school. If you would like a copy of the PowerPoint to print out send me an email at  


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