Slideshare and the web 2.0 world

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In the last post I included a couple of videos to the blog using an embed code from YouTube, the site synonymous with a web 2.0 world. One other site I regularly use for embedding resources is Slideshare, the document presentation sharing site. How many people are using this service? I only use it as an easy way to pull the presentations through on my blog but never really thought about how many people go directly to the site to see presentations. The 10 Power Points I have uploaded on Slideshare in the last year have actually been viewed over 2,300 times in the last 6 months. With this in mind I thought I would give you the top 10 most viewed PowerPoints I have uploaded:

1. 5 Reasons for failure in SharePoint User Adoption (related blog post here)

2. Year 11 Revisions Seminars (related blog post here)

3. SharePoint Survival Kit (related blog post here)

4. Raising Acheivement through a Learning Platform (related blog post here)

5. Revision Gateway Survey (related blog post here)

6. Windows 7 at Warwickshire Local Authority (related blog post here)

7. Window 7 at Twynham School (related blog post here)

8. Windows 7 at West Hatch School (related blog post here)

9. Windows 7 at Lodge Park School (related blog post here)

10. Windows 7 at Dean Close School (related blog post here)

Although the Windows 7 PowerPoints are at the bottom of the list they would actually be the top 5 in terms of views per day. The fact that failure in user adoption is number 1 but only went up in July is perhaps telling of the state of Learning Platforms in the UK.

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