Streaming Media Web Part for SharePoint

July 8, 2009 by · 3 Comments
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To finish of this section on Streaming Media in SharePoint I thought I would show you a more visual way to set your media on the page. In part 1 I covered the basic concept of Media Streaming and part 2 showed a demo of our use of asx wrapper files. Of course this works really well but can further add to the document library feel of SharePoint. To overcome this we have created a Media Web Part for SharePoint so that our users can play video directly in the page. Take a look at the video below which shows this.

The Media Web Part for SharePoint can be placed anywhere on SharePoint sites and brings a more visual feel to the pages. In this example I have media files on the right side in asx format but I use the Media Web Part to highlight the video I want students to focus on in that particular week. If you want any further information about our Media Web Part contact me on twitter @mikeherrity or email


3 Responses to “Streaming Media Web Part for SharePoint”
  1. jo Corkish says:

    Can you tell me are you delivering this on WSS or MOSS. I work for a parliamentary organisation with limited funding and am considering using WSS to build our website (attracted by free Windows Search Server and now Designer) but was worried I would not be able to stream. Also do you know whether it may be possible to live stream.

  2. Mike Herrity says:

    Hi Jo. Our media webpart works on both WSS and MOSS. I would be glad to provide some input on your development if you want. Just send me an email to

  3. Tony Barnett says:


    Do you have a download of this project?


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