Asus T91 and the coming of the tablet revolution.

June 4, 2009 by · 1 Comment
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This week we have been covering the revolution starting in schools with the use of netbooks and the potential they offer to fundamentally change learning. In early January ASUS announced another step in that change with the production of a tablet netbook, the ASUS T91. It has been a long time coming but news filtered out in mid May that an early June release was likely and yesterday proved to be that day. I am a big fan of ASUS although the build quality of Samsung has led us down the NC20 route. At the same time I think the touch screen facility offered by the T91 may be a real game changer. Take a look at the video below- it comes with a ‘dodgy lift music’ advisory and is a little short on substance but gives a good idea of the basic functionality.

What really interests me is how students will engage with touch technology and looking forward with multi-touch offered by Windows 7. Will these changes bring the tablet machine of age through the education market? Can you meaningfully do something with touch technology that is not as easy with a standard machine? For me the real difference will come with the use of One Note and this is a topic I will round the week off with on Friday.