Customising the SharePoint look and feel

Something very interesting is starting to happen to SharePoint at Twynham School. People are starting to play with it in a deep and meaningful way! The best bit about all this is I am not referring to our developers. We have been using SharePoint for years under the stewardship of Dave Coleman our Network Manager but really strong development started in March 2007. Since this time we have gone for a very locked down approach with Dave and his team controlling the navigation and layout. This has served us brilliantly and prevented an explosion of sites and varying layouts that our Student Voice teams told us left them bemused when we had intranet sites.

Year 9 ICT Digital Colour Unit

I am pleased to say all this has now started to change as staff and students have become attuned to SharePoint after two years living with it as our ‘One stop shop’. The IT department in particular have started to become pioneers on the look and feel and along with Science are now starting to look at layout and the use of permissioning¬†and visibility. At the end of the day there is no getting away from the fact that SharePoint can look very bland with document libraries. To overcome this the IT team produced a unit on digital colour which has so much more appeal just by using the content editor webpart. The response from students has been very positive and is leading to increasing innovation amongst staff who are getting to grips with MOSS 2007….just in time for SharePoint 2010 to arrive! Oh well.