Contrasting Educational Systems: comparing the US and Finland as models

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As anybody in the US or UK will know there has been a profound amount of change in both countries educational systems in the last decade. Whilst ever increasing amounts of money have been spent both the US and UK have been sliding down the various educational league tables. Over the last week I have been looking in more depth at differing educational systems across the world and thought it would be interesting to share a few videos on this topic. The first is a short thought provoking video outlining what is considered by many to be the most successful educational system  in the world. The 2 Million Minutes video covers the principal attributes of Finland’s education system.

At the same time this week I have been watching the various clashes across the US as government spending leads to reduced budgets and personal financial challenges for teachers. One of my favourite programmes from the US is The Daily Show and one of their guests this week was Diane Ravitch who has significant experience and input into educational policy. She has recently written a number of books including ‘Left back, a century of failed school reforms’ and ‘The Death and Life of Great American School System: How Testing and Choice are Undermining Education’ which focus on the US educational system and her changing views on the direction of policy.

I managed to track down two video interviews with Diane on YouTube which I found really useful as a starter for an introduction to some of the percieved issues with educational reform in the US.

The second video has embed disabled so I will just provide the link to YouTube if you are interested here.