Branding your SharePoint sites to engage primary school students

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In the post I wrote (very quickly) yesterday I put two examples of branding for SharePoint sites to engage younger students. One of the challenges for primary and junior schools when creating a Learning Gateway with SharePoint is how do you make it appeal to students aged 4-11? The key is to make SharePoint look less like SharePoint by applying branding. This is a relatively simple process and although branding your SharePoint will cost a little money it is far more likely to gain high user adoption as it appeals to end users. The example below is the third attempt at SharePoint branding for our local feeder junior school who are currently having a Learning Gateway implemented by us.

SharePoint Branding sample 3
SharePoint Branding sample 3


SharePoint Branding for younger students

July 21, 2009 by · 3 Comments
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Before I sign off….. One of the installs we are currently completing is for a local primary school. The key challenge here is to make SharePoint more visually appealing for younger age students by branding the SharePoint sites. Today we received a few ‘mock ups’ from a local designer who wanted to provide us with some samples for SharePoint branding. They are both very different but I thought I would show them to you all and take some views. The samples are just the graphics which our developers will put into SharePoint. Any thoughts on which one is the best for primary school Sharepoint Branding?
Sample 1- click to enlarge

SharePoint Branding Sample 1


Sample 2- click to view

SharePoint Branding Sample 2