SharePoint Conference 2009

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My final CPD tip for the week is perhaps the most exciting, powerful and challenging to pitch to your Headteacher, line manager or CPD co-ordinator. The SharePoint Conference 2009 is taking place this year in Las Vegas from October 19-22. It promises to be the most useful piece of CPD you will attend in the next school year for one key reason- it is the launch point for SharePoint 2010. If your school has come a long way with SharePoint 2007 and wants to unlock the potential of SharePoint 2010 next summer ready for a September 2010 upgrade in your school then this conference will act as a fast-track.

The cost is a real challenge and even the most frugal person going to Las Vegas from (Saturday- Thursday because of the need for a Saturday stay over for reasonable flight prices) would struggle to keep the flight, hotel, conference and food bill down to £2000. £2500-£3000 is more realistic. So how might you go about convincing your Headteacher that this is a must attend event? As with all schools now you must have a rigorous rationale for getting out of school whether a member of teaching or support staff but here are some tips before you make a request:

  1. Be clear on what the value of the trip would be to the school first- what would the outcomes be in 3 and 6 months as well as over 1-3 years?
  2. Also focus on your own professional development- if you are the SharePoint Admin or co-ordinator this will be a fantastic opportunity to develop your skills with the new version.
  3. Reference any request with relevance to your School Development Plan- this is the key document which drives the school’s use of resources. Is the development of Online Learning on there?
  4. Link this conference with your capacity to deliver on key government agendas which are hot topics- primarily Online Reporting to Parents, Parental Engagement, vocational or diploma based learning and e-security.
  5. When you have made some notes on points 1-4 write a proposal explaining the merits of attending this conference send it to your Headteacher or line manager with a request to discuss it in a few days.

If you have any further questions please contact me below:

SharePoint Conference 2009- Breaking News

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Many of us having been waiting for news on whether there will be a Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009. There are lots of independent conferences supported by Microsoft but the official conference is a must attend where possible. Well we have the announcement hot of the press with Las Vegas the venue from October 19-22. For people in the UK this will be quite a difficult decision in terms of cost with £850 for the conference (£650 if you get the early bird rate) and then hotel and flights. Dave Coleman went last March and quite simply he described it as the best decision he ever made in all his years in IT. Details below and it promises to be a great conference with lots of development for SharePoint 2007 and a first look at Office 14.

SharePoint Conference 2009 details

SharePoint Conference 2009 details