Social Computing and SharePoint 2010

One of the significant improvements in SharePoint 2010 is in the Social Computing section. Whilst I don’t want to contradict myself with my post on SharePoint 2010 and the Lost Generation I do believe that there have been some significant improvements over SharePoint 2007. At the end of the day what we have in SharePoint 2010 is what we have. If I think social computing then my SharePoint expert would be Dan McPherson who owns Zevenseas, a SharePoint consultancy in Holland. I heard him speak last year and have since started to look at ways we can link up with SharePoint for educational use. Last week he was talking with his team at Microsoft SharePoint Connections 2010 and their presentation has become available online. Take a look at what SharePoint 2010 can do for your organisation. If you are short on time you could miss the intro to social computing and start at 17 minutes on the video.

Click here to go to the SharePoint 2010 Social Computing Overview video.