SharePoint 2010 How far should you virtualise your deployment? The big debate.

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 The Coleman v Mckinley debate about Virtualisation with SharePoint 2010

In early November the SharePoint Team at Twynham Solutions were approached by a County Council and asked to provide consultancy on a new project. The County Council wanted to build a solution which supported up to 100,000 users travelling to other learning centres to complete Diploma or vocational learning. This has sent minds buzzing in the team over what the deployment would look like. We have recommended building a 2010 environment as soon as it becomes available and as TAP customers we are on High Touch for engagement with the product team on this project.

Two of our key discussions with members of the product team over the last month have been about whether to produce an on-premise or hosted solution through SharePoint Online and the level of virtualisation in the deployment. We have agreed that on-premise is the best way forward but the debate over virtualisation continues to rage in the office. Over the next week we are due to discuss our ideas with SharePoint people from Microsoft but I thought it would be good to share the two sides of discussion with a wider audience. On the one side we have Dave Coleman (@davecoleman146) who favours a largely virtualised solution with some key physical elements. On the other side is Chris Mckinley (@crmckinley) who is suggesting an entirely virtualised solution.

To prepare for our discussions both Dave and Chris produced diagrams showing their deployment suggestions which can be seen below. Please click on the images to enlarge

What are your thoughts? Would you run with the Coleman or Mckinley route or do you think there is a better model? Any comments and thoughts would be welcome.

Vote for your choice below: Alex Pearce has agreed to put forward a third model so you can vote on this when it arrives!

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